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Large Volumes Custom

Printed Fundraising Cards

We welcome inquiries for larger quantities of RFIDSHIELD Cards. RFIDSHIELD provides a custom design service giving you the opportunity to personalise your own RFIDSHIELD Card for your business, club or organisation. Our In-House design team can create a high quality design for you or you can use our standard design cards. For free quotes and advice please contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Minimum order custom printed is 1000 double side printed cards.

Printed with your corporate colours and brand or club membership colours.

→ Delivery 30 days after artwork has been approved and signed off.

Options include RFIDSHIELD Card presentation envelope printed to your specifications or loose packed in a clear wrapper.

Perfect gifts to your customers, clients, staff and membership; it protects their identity and money.





RFIDSHIELD cards are a popular way to fund raise for your organisation. Promote your organisation and contact details with either a standard or custom printed RFIDSHIELD card. Cards are either purchased in bulk from us and resold to raise funds or you can use our Affiliates program with no initial outlay for cards. A great long lasting practical alternative to sausage sizzles and chocolate drives. The cards last for years and are always carried by the owners so your message is always with them. They are a great gift for families and friends as well. The margin is great and they take up very little space in storage and posting.

A popular and a favourite way to reward your customers. Loyalty RFIDSHIELD Card can not only be used to reward your customers but also to promote your business and enhance your brand.

A must for every club, association or membership based organisation, a prestigious RFIDSHIELD Membership Card is an ideal way to promote your organisation. We supply the card custom printed on one side and blank on the other to allow you to print in house membership details as needed




For the extra special customer an RFIDSHIELD Privilege Card can offer additional benefits. Reward that extra special VIP customer with an RFIDSHIELD Privilege Card and offer them additional discounts or benefits. This card is seen as prestigious and holders of an RFIDSHIELD Privilege Card will want to take advantage of their increased incentives and return to your business time and time again.

Gift card is a popular way to promote your business and increase sales. Exactly that! A gift, now in the form of an RFIDSHIELD Card, is the most common way of issuing a gift voucher. RFIDSHIELD Card promotes your business and increases sales.

An effective marketing tool, RFIDSHIELD Corporate Card gives you the edge over competitors and an opportunity to increase sales. RFIDSHIELD Corporate Card provides an excellent method of advertising and a stylish way to promote your business; there are many ways to thank customers for their continued business.

‘Competitive Advantage…. it costs up to seven times as much to acquire a customer as it does to retain one’.


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