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The Risk


The bad news is that the risk of being the victim of a digital crime is very real. It‘s common and increasing at an alarming rate in Australia, and across the world. The fact is it’s not difficult or illegal for criminals to scan, or harvest unsecured credit and debit card and Passport details. The threat is not just financial either as identity details are being stolen, which is often a far greater problem to a victim than a financial crime. The loss of personal data can lead to fraud being committed in your name and you having to attempt to clear your name. The real objective of the criminals is to get your identity data so they can run up debts in your name and that ruins your life.

Everyone is vulnerable and at risk everywhere but especially in busy public areas and transport hubs. The large number of people moving in these areas means easy targets and a large number of cards scanned at one time. The distracted nature of people rushing to make flights, trains, trams and buses or the disorientation of a traveller in a foreign country creates an environment that can be exploited.


Fortunately, with RFIDSHIELD, the risk of being skimmed is eliminated completely. Using E-field technology RFIDSHIELD is able to totally block ALL the incoming scanning signals. RFIDSHIELD doesn’t require a battery either so a user doesn’t have to remember to turn it on. RFIDSHIELD draws power from the signals being broadcast by skimming devices in an attempt to steal information. Those devices that pose a threat provide RFIDSHIELD with a power source. Once RFIDSHIELD is placed in a wallet or purse or Passport it can be forgotten. It will activate automatically when it detects a threat. It protects up to 40 cards and 6 passports.


Yes. While there’s no financial risk to a passport holder if skimmed, there’s certainly the risk of an identity related crime being carried out. The information held on a passport can be stolen. The safest and cheapest form of insurance to guard against this possibility is to place RFIDSHIELD inside your passport or ideally in a RFIDSHIELD passport holder. The RFIDSHIELD passport holder is also enabled with blocking technology. A passport, and any credit cards stored in the RFIDSHIELD Passport holder will be protected from all threatening RFID signals. For more information on either the RFIDSHIELD Card or the Passport Holder, visit – THE SHOP PAGE.


E-Field is an auto-response electronic field which is triggered by the incoming signals used to detect and steal information stored on RFID chips on credit and debit cards. E-Field creates a protective perimeter around cards the millisecond they become vulnerable.
Card details are stored on RFID chips which can be breached from a distance of up to 20mt using an RFID scanner. E-Field is the technology that blocks the threatening signals from scanning devices.